Book to Script Coaching With Sara

Work with me one-on-one to adapt your book for the screen

I'm Sara McDermott Jain and if you’ve dreamed of seeing your work onscreen, this is the coaching program for you!


    Having a genuine, dedicated mentor with experience in the industry will help you to go farther, faster


    Coaching sessions can be tailored to what a client most wants to focus on, as every client’s goals are just a little bit different.


    Learn insider tips and tricks from an industry veteran on how to elevate your writing, think like a Hollywood gatekeeper, and contact producers.


    1:1 calls built around your schedule and needs. You’ll receive in-depth insights and advice on best practices for screenwriting and the film industry. Additionally, receive personalized feedback/coverage on your screenplay!

(eavesdropping on a chat inside a Q&A Call)

Sara McDermott Jain

Screenwriter / Author

Sara McDermott Jain is a produced and award-winning screenwriter with over 15 years experience in the film industry.


She is also the founder of the PRINDIE 

(Princeton Independent) Film Festival and a published writer.


She has worked with dozens of production companies over the years to get scripts production-ready, and teaches screenwriting at both Immaculata and Neumann Universities.

What's it like to work with Sara?

You don’t just want a teacher, you want someone who lives and breathes what they teach. 

Each of the below testimonials is from a producer Sara has worked with!

Sara played an essential role in getting the Elixir Project screenplay prepared for distribution to Hollywood producers. Her clarity and competence about the industry demystified the process and put success within our reach.

Kary Oberbrunner

Award-winning author of Elixir Project

“I have now read a number of Sara’s feature scripts, and can say without exception that she is a phenomenal writer.

But what makes Sara even more valuable is how open, honest, and hardworking she is.

It’s rare in this business to find people who care about excellence as much as Sara, and who are also willing to put in the time and energy necessary to make an already great script even better…I’m thrilled to be able to work with this extraordinary woman.


If you have the same opportunity, don’t pass it up!”

Zena Dell Lowe,

Producer at Mission Ranch Films

“I have worked with Sara these past few years and her work ethic as a writer is phenomenal.


She's decisive, organized, and very creative as a screenwriter.


Sara is a co-writer on a TV series titled Foreign Nationals and has also expanded her career as a producer and director.


From her film festival, to the universities where she teaches, to her son, I'm not sure how she finds the time to juggle and manage all these positions, but she somehow gets it done.


She's brilliant! ”

Joel Quiñones,

Founder/Executive Producer at Foreign Entertainment 

Les Gaddis,

Owner/Producer at Gaddis Visuals

“Sara is a fantastic writer. I've sifted through tons of scripts and her script LEFT; was the one that caught my attention to produce.


It was well written, entertaining, and had great character development.


Her passion for storytelling comes through the pages.


It's been a pleasure working with Sara to produce this feature film and I look forward to working with her on future projects."

Tom Hignite,

President at Miracle Studios Inc.

“Sara is as great a screenwriter as she is a fantastic communicator.


After working with a variety of experienced screenwriters, Sara was recommended as a rising star, and the work she did was of the highest calibre.

The unexpected bonus we received was her genuine drive to go beyond her immediate scope of work.


Sara continues to confer on aspects of the project as they arise.”

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